Assessment, Evaluation, and Proficiency Grading

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Grading Philosophy:

This course uses a proficiency-based grading system. Grades are based solely on demonstration of mastery of the concepts in the math course syllabus. Students must show proficiency in ALL major concepts to earn credit for the class and higher order thinking questions will be used to determine grades higher than a C. Students will demonstrate their mastery of concepts through formal assessments (either written or oral) that may take the form of a quiz, test, presentation, or project. Any assessment, other than final exams and the final draft of a project, can be retaken, though students must complete the requirements (see below) prior to a retake. To help increase retention, any previously learned skill can appear on later tests.

How Are The Skills Scored?

Most skills will be assessed 3 times. A student's overall score on a skill is based on the median of the scores. If a skill is assessed more than 3 times, only the most recent three scores will be used in the median calculation. Assessments of skills will be scored using the following rubric.

Scoring Scale: