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Please note this disclaimer:

These tutors should have been cleared through PPS. Do ask. Get very specific about your needs, goals and what it will cost. Think carefully if you need a math tutor or an academic coach. A lot of skills learnt from a coach work very well in the classroom for every subject including, and perhaps more especially, for math.

I have not had personal contact with most of these people. Please let me know of your experiences with any of these tutors, good and bad. If you know of a good tutor, and they are ok with it, please let me add them to this list.

Walk in tutoring at Lincoln, no appointment necessary.

Tutor List

Sarah Weinstein: Math and Physics.
541 971 3936;

Matt Pigg: Math.
503 504 0639;

Andrew Vandervelde: Math.

Drew Laiche: Math.
541 514 7234; web:;

Peter Albert: Mathematics, Statistics, Test Prep, and Economics.
503 473 6064
Mostly works with PSU students, though will take High School Students.

Linda Lovett: Math.
503 289 2027;

Terry Burch: Math.
503 927 1378; web:>

Vic Moser: Math.
805 338 9022; email:

Tom Helinski: Mathematics and Physics.

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